Awards and Recognitions


It was an honor creating the Cake for Hamilton: An American Musical 200th Performance Celebration at Cleveland Playhouse Square
Such an exciting moment to create this Grand 3-tier Funfetti cake with real stage lights showcasing the performance silhouettes and the iconic Hamilton standing on top!
Some of our work has been featured and recognized by renowned blogs and websites in the industry.

Kate Spade – Gone too Soon Collaboration

Cake Masters - Kate Spade

Our work was featured in January 2019 issue of Cake Master’s Magazine.
Kate Spade cake was also featured in Cakes Décor’s “Daily Top 3”.
A Sugar Art tribute to Kate Spade …..My contribution towards Gone too Soon – A Cake Collective Collaboration, dedicated to those who left us due to mental health issues.
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Kate Spade was also featured in Mr. Baker’s blog as well.

International Cake Exploration Societé (ICES)

ICES 2018: Mad About Hat Cake Challenge
FCA entry for the ICES 2018: Mad About Hat Cake Challenge revolves around Alice’s Sea Adventure!
This design is inspired by Alice in Wonderland’s theme of Transformation which I think also represents all Cake Artists!
The story starts at the Garden, the idyllic imagination of beauty which seems so challenging to reach. With Absolem, the caterpillar in the garden representing how we begin our journey.
Those who dare to travel this path, there will a moment in time when the imagination starts turning into a tangible art. Mad Hatter is symbolic of the moment in time he was stuck in!
Finally depicting the emergence of true artist just like the transformation Alice went through and emerged as an explorer willing to risk an oceanic voyage. The butterfly is also representing the amazing transformation of caterpillar Absolem!


Hollywood themed Birthday Cake and KateSpade bust cake featured in Cake Décor’s homepage!